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Email Sent to Flag Purchasers


Emails have been sent to nearly 1,400 flag purchasers honoring 900 individuals. The email had three aspects that needed to be addressed.


First -- The 2019 Merced Field of Honor will take place starting Saturday, November 9th at noon and will continue until Saturday, November 16th at the conclusion of the Closing Ceremony.  We are open to flag purchases, locating flags, and general questions from noon till 6:00 PM daily.  The field is open 24 hours per day for your visitations.


Second -- Take your flag home last year? Bring your flag to be
re-flown to the field starting Saturday, November 9th at 12:00 PM. 
Cost: $10 per flag


Third -- Should you wish to purchase additional flags, you have the entire week from Saturday, 9 November to Saturday, 16 November from the hours of noon till 5:30 PM each day.


Many individuals elect to walk in the Veterans Day parade with their flag.  You can pick-up your flag the morning of the Monday, 11 November so you can walk with you flag the in the parade.  We will have volunteers on the field to assist you.


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