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Honoring Our Veterans

Take the next step to honor our veterans 


Support us to make the change!


Join us and make a difference


Here are three ways to help:

1) sign our petition,  2) come to Community meetings, 3) donate.


Any project has a start and an end.  We start with a petition that can demonstrate to the Merced City Council that citizens support this initiative.


Support us in showing the City Council that is an important issue and that they should make the street name change from "M" Street to "Veterans Boulevard" a priority.


Fill out and sumbit our petition, with your support we can make this happen.


We are planning two Community meetings that will take place during the month of May.  We need your assistance in getting word out to individuals within the community.  Additionally, we are seeking your participation in one or both of these events.


The dates, times and locations are being proposed and will be posted as soon as they are known.




Click here to learn more about supporting and participating in Community events.


We have garnered funds for this effort through the Merced Field of Honor events over this past three years.


We are working diligently to ascertain the costs of making this conversion, should the Merced City Council approve our request.


If you feel compelled, contribute to our efforts.

Volunteering is easy, just fill out the form below and click send!
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Citizens Committe Members​

Rich Miller, Chair

Michelle Alison, Secretary

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